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Thanks to two indipendent electric motors, the armchairs able to reach relaxing positon with simultanous movements of the back rest and footboard separately.

LIFT function allows to lift up and to lower entire armchair (lift device).

The armchairs are available with MANUAL MECHANISMS BY A SPRING.
This mechanisms allows to the footrest to go ut at the same time, to the inclination of the backrest in TWO POSITIONS.

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Wooden armchairs


Relaxing armchair or sofa With relaxing removable covers


Relaxing amrchair With removable covers

Conditions of payment

  • The price of the product will comunicate through by telephone call (0558078250) or email info@franchipoltrone.com. If you wish, you can compile the form of every articles.
  • Every articles can order by telephone call or by email.
  • Payment: by the way of account (35%), at the moment of your order by bank transfer. The settlement at the time of the delivery of the product.


Warrant for 2 years
on each electric components

It is possible to buy our armchair
with tax relief for disabled