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Help them to better the quality of their life and their health.
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For all models

  • We can realize the removable backrest lumbar pillow 60x35 cm
    cuscino lombare cuscino lombare blu cuscino lombare fiori cuscino lombare rosso
  • We realize the seat cushions with density of softer rubber or stiffer than standard
  • You can order footage of tissues needed if you have to do pairings in your furniture
  • We can make a removable headrest in addition to any model
    poggiatesta poggiatesta monica poggiatesta laura poggiatesta 2
  • We can create 45x45 cm cushions with soft furnishings with animals (robins, German shepherd, poodle or fox) ... a special detail to your decor
    cuscino cuscino cuscino arredo cuscino arredo

For all the armchairs and sofas Relax (upholstered and wood):

  • We realize the sessions increased in width up to 10 cm (for the seats only)
  • We can be applied on all arms a Velcro holder bearing (see mod. Emma)
    bracciolo velcro
  • We can be applied in the front under the armrests, swivel wheel brake
  • We can exchange all arms and all collars of all models, including the lateral ears, even creating a new custom template as per your liking

For all upholstered armchairs Relax

  • We can decrease the height of the seat cushions up to 3 cm reduction
  • We can apply under the mechanism 2 independent motors + alzapersona the roller kit, which allows you to move the chair easier
    kit roller kit roller kit roller

For all recliners

  • We can apply the removable footrest manual in models where there is not already
    poggiapiedi poggiapiedi2

For all reclining chairs and armchairs in wood Relaxation

  • We can apply the bearings with velcro to the armrests
    braccioli con cuscinetto cuscinetto braccioli cuscinetto bracciolo


Warrant for 2 years
on each electric components

It is possible to buy our armchair
with tax relief for disabled