How we work

Our products are of excellent quality, and handcrafted. Each products is painstaking in all details to offer a product destined to last in the time. Each armchair is made entirely in our farm with components exclusively  “Made in Italy”.

Our articles including:


  • Relaxing armchairs with frame in beech-wood and painting according to choice. Each pillow is with removable covers (foam rubber) with temperate measures (to start from 63 cm in width). This measure allows to move these armchairs from a room to another.


Each electric mechanisms (Function Lift electric engines with lifting up/raising):


  • Our armchairs have warrant* of 2 years* on each electric components. Every warrant will be  delivery and signed by Franchi s.r.l  the to clients
  • For any problems, the farm offers technical assistance in the client's home within 10 days.
  • Inside relaxing seats are: 50x50 cm
  • Our relaxing armchairs with electric mechanisms 2 engines with “function lift”, have small swivel wheels at the back. Each armchairs have a weight about 70 Kg.
  • These ones are delivery to the client's home. Each armchair will assemble and will package trough scardboard boxes. First step, to insert the plug in a socket of your electric installation.
  • Our relaxing armchair need a electric plug.


All our catalogue of fabric is washable about 30 centigrade and including: checked fabric, checked flowered, plain, microfiber, dirt-resitsant checked.....


Our pruducts can be carried out with checked by the clients.


Delivery time for each order is about 15/20 days.


Inside of the farm, we have a exhibition of our relaxing armchairs.

We are open from Monday until Friday, (from 8 until 12 am, and 14-19 p.m) and the Saturday on only appointment.